What can you credit Polynesian skin divers for an invention that revolutionized swimming?

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The other day, I asked my 10 year old to cut onions, just to rile her up for fun. In the past she used to leave the room when onion was cut as the sulphur makes her eyes swell up. I was surprised when she said yes and was up to the challenge. A few minutes later when I entered the kitchen and saw that she was on the job but I almost fell laughing when I saw that she had put on the swimming googles and looked like a bit like Maz Kanata in the Force Awakens. But it didn’t take that long to realize the brilliance of such a simple idea. She managed to connect an idea implemented for the swimming pool to the kitchen chore.

We humans have an amazing capability to solve problems by connecting the dots. How does a AI machine match up to that? Can a google AlphaGo do that or the Watson? We see lots of advancement and even more announcements in the world of AI, but is that really AI or a really really high end of machine learning? Machines today still work within the constraints of the data we expose it to. Will it go out of the way to source data on its own?

Alan Turing suggested if we are unable to distinguish if an action was taken by a machine or human in response to a stimuli, it can be called an AI. In a crude definition, a machine tries to emulate one or two actions of the humans in response to a specific stimuli and with more capability, you could keep adding more and more actions. With age comes wisdom. We might soon measure the computer age in dog years and perhaps human years.

For now, I use the oniggles (onion + goggles) as we call it, whenever I cut onions and works every time. I am sure you have by now googled AI for the Persian diver story as well

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