How to reimagine customer experience

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Let us first get our hands around a workable definition of customer experience – let me try to put it as a simple experience during an interaction between a product or service which the customer has over the life of their relationship with your brand. This undoubted has become very varied, and circuitous in current times.

How do you then reimagine a customer experience relevant for current and upcoming times?

The times and technology are changing very fast. But can we manage this ever-evolving phase? Yes, to better elaborate this, let me share with you the below situation:

Imagine you and your friends decide to go for a trek over the weekend. The goal is to trek, walk, run and reach a far destination and have some fun in the bargain. It is estimated to be a day long trip- early departure and early return before the sun sets. You and your friends sit down to plan and prepare, and something like below is discussed:

  • Let us hire a local guide
  • Let us look at the area map and discover our own way
  • Let us google it! It will take care of the rest
  • Hey, Google has even provided the best time to visit and how much time people generally spend there. We will do the same
  • Let us enable GPS on our phones, and follow the voice
  • I have a video from a past trekking group which will be our guide
  • Hey, some body has made a VR of the full trek and its fun
  • Let us play Pokémon on the way and catch a few as well!

Depending upon your adventurous quotient! And technology quotient! You will pick up one or more options or come up with even innovative ways and eventually device your own hybrid approach.

Today, this is also true for the customer experience with brands. Each customer devices his or her own hybrid approach to personalize the experience.

To start with, re imagine just like you do to plan your fun trek getaway!

More on the approach to defining a new customer experience for businesses in the next blog.!

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