How to approach defining a new customer experience?

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How to approach defining a new customer experience?

The English dictionary defines the noun “Experience” as, an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone.
Let us step back and reflect on our daily routines and understand how much of digital technology do we use. Today, we leverage some form of digital technology in almost all our daily interactions be it:

– connecting with friends, family, colleagues
– consuming news, entertainment, recreation games
– purchasing, travel, tourism, health care etc

These interactions leave an impression on us and we individually define it as our experience. Businesses need to focus on having the correct digital presence rather than “digitally present as well” because the digital platforms are the most used medium by customers and they have their own nuances.
Businesses should define the touch points they have with their customers, decide the critical ones to have on digital and leverage data for the various journeys the customer does with you, while:

1. Searching for your services and products
2. Considering the offerings
3. Evaluating the options
4. Interacting

Being searchable, social, informative and reachable backed with data insights should drive your website design, the mobile app, social pages, directory listing and many more digital decisions to arrive at a new customer experience.

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