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With so many Social Media platforms, where number of people engage on day to day basis, it is important for a brand to engage such platforms in their marketing strategy. The data behind the scene can serve wonders in creating an impactful brand presence in the world of Social Media.

What are the ways to engage audience?

  • Educate them about What your brand does? Like if you sell products, What kind of products? Is it household, manufacturing, cosmetics etc.
  • Let them know about the new product launch. Include images, infographics or videos as they are more engaging than simple plain text.
  • Give them tips on using a product, educate them not only about your product but also about the category. Keep it on specific day at a specific time so that your audience knows that you will get to know some interesting facts.
  • Write blogs or To Do’s, everyone is interested to increase their knowledge base and to know about new stuff. Contribute to the continuous learning.
  • Be proactive, show them that you care for them, this helps in building trust.

Ways to collect data for analytics?

  • You can take feedback for the products that are in market. You can do this by creating a survey link, a questionnaire, but keep it simple. Give them options to select from, instead of written feedback, this will take less time and response rate could be higher.
  • Blogs, Articles, Tips, Videos that you share, you can use the feedback, comments, likes, dislikes to carry out Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis.
  • Enable services like Google Analytics on company website, this can help you find where you are getting more traction from and you can spend on Marketing efforts accordingly.

How this will help?

According to wearesocial.com , Total Internet Users 3.82 Billion, Active Social Media Users 3.03 Billion and Active Mobile Social Users 2.78 Billion. So Social Media presence will not only help in increasing your audience (most of them might turn into your prospects) but it will also create a sufficient amount of data that could be used for making your marketing more effective and personalized.

To make it effective and personalized, metric like Engagement, Conversation Rate can help in understanding your audience.

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