Consulting Services

Businesses need to sustain the present, while also being future ready. Our consulting services are aimed at working with your business context, and helping you leverage the new digital technologies for your business transformation.

Transform Customer Experience

Re-imaging your key customer journeys

Our customer experience consulting, maps your key customer journeys and helps you in your :

Digital Strategy


A gap analysis and a capability assessment is done after gaining a detailed understanding of your business and its priorities. A recommended road map covering short, medium, & long term digital initiatives is outlined.

Customer Experience Mgmt


We identify your critical customer touch points in your most important customer journeys and help you re-imagine and re-assess your current customer experience.

Solution Design


We focus on innovating and designing the right solution by converging technologies to effectively address your customer interactions, touch points to enhance the customer experience.

Transform Business Process

Re-engineering your core business processes

Our business process consulting, re-engineers your core sales and marketing processes by:



We identify opportunities to leverage digital platforms across the stages of prospecting, nurturing, closing and servicing in your sales and
marketing processes.

Integrating Mobility


We focus upon integrating mobility into on-field sales and service processes to reduce the turnaround times of your business processes by identifying critical areas where we can enable the on-field staff through technology.



We look at your end to end process and its technology aspects to help you identify quick wins to make your processes more efficient and effective.

Transform Data

“Re-examining your data to derive insights”

Our data consulting helps you leverage your data assets by looking at

Data Strategy


We work with you to define your data strategy covering customer, sales, marketing, product and service areas. Our focus is to help you gain competitive advantage by leveraging data and analytics in your sales and  marketing spend.

Analytical Modelling


We leverage advanced analytical modeling to help you understand your customer micro segments, churn, cross selling opportunities,  profitable markets, products to obtain a higher ROI.

Data Visualization


Data is the new asset. We help you derive greater and more meaningful insights from your data by focusing upon visual analysis through effective data visualization.

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